Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Small Business is Vital to the US Economy

When you hear the term OEM, you may know that it stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, but do you realize the number of items we use in a day that were produced by OEMs around the globe?  From your cellphone, to your computer, tablets or your automobile – manufacturing makes the world go around providing finished products for consumer use 

Manufacturing firms of all sizes contribute to the final product, with some smaller companies providing components to larger OEMs on a tiered level.  The contribution of these small to mid-sized companies is just as important as the large manufacturers, as all components of a supply chain must meet their requirements for success.  Small business, which is defined as companies having less than 500 employees, is the lifeblood of the US economy representing 99% of all US employer firms.  While many smaller companies strive to gain more market share, they must also have the support of their suppliers in order to stay competitive and successful.  

LightSources Support OEMs of All Sizes

LightSources realizes the challenges that smaller to mid-sized OEMs face to acquire the same advantages that their larger counterparts enjoy.  We excel in partnering with small to medium sized companies to design and manufacture standard and customized specialty lighting solutions to a multitude of industries.   

Our vast resources include multi-national corporations with LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe with a state-of-the-art glass factory, and our partners LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux for custom designed ceramic bases.  LightSources specializes in providing comprehensive solutions including design, engineering, and manufacturing. 

LightSources offers a broad range of lighting including: 

  • medium pressure UV lamps (MPUV)
  • high pressure UV lamps (HPUV)
  • low pressure amalgam lamps
  • specialty fluorescent UVA and UVB lamps
  • mini-fluorescent lamps including backlighting solutions for avionic displays and computers
  • tanning lamps with several patented lamps for salon professionals
  • UVC lamps used for curing polymers
  • neon signs of any size or shape for indoor or outdoor use 

LightSources and our affiliated companies are recognized as leaders in designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting solutions.  We partner with OEMs to design, engineer and meet production requirements with proven lamp solutions.  Contact us to speak with an engineer about our large selection of standard and custom lamps.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Innovative Technology Aids the Tanning Industry

LightSources and our valued partner, LightTech in Europe, lead the way with innovative tanning lamp technology, providing several proprietary products for long-lasting, high performance.  The LightSources group was one of the first manufacturers to provide tanning lamps in differing strengths from 2.6 UVB to 9.5 UVB.  The fluctuation in lamp strength provides customers with the right tanning lamp for their skin type and tanning preference. 

LightSources partners with our salon professional clients, listening to your needs to develop customized tanning lamps and assisting with patent developments to increase your own brand awareness and market share.  The LightSources group is dedicated to research and development of superior ultraviolet technologies, delivering high-performing products to the forefront of the tanning lamp industry.  

Cutting edge tanning lamp technology available from LightSources includes:   

               SolGlass® technology utilizes a proprietary phosphor blend combined with high-tech engineering to deliver the most advanced tanning lamp technology.  SolGlass provides a narrow UVA band for immediate pigmentation and short-wave UVB for long lasting color with the greatest tanning effects available.

            Peak2 Technology® delivers high UVA and UVB emissions balanced in one phosphor to provide dual spectral peaks and maximum pigmentation effect.

            Multitone™ provides tanning customers with an even and natural tan from head to toes, without harsh high-pressure facial units. 

            A-Power™ delivers the effects of a longer lasting dark tan typically achieved with a high- pressure lamp, in a low-pressure lamp with advanced technology.  A-Power utilizes UA and UVB rays peaking at the perfect nanometer for long lasting pigmentation.  

LightSources is dedicated to research and development to continually deliver innovative lighting solutions, cutting edge technology, with energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions.  We strive to provide greater performance at the lowest cost available in all aspects of UV and fluorescent lamp applications. 

LightSources and our valued partner companies are recognized as the leading designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. We provide high performing lamps with long lasting operation for a multitude of OEM oriented solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about or broad range of specialty tanning lamps.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The LightSources Group Provides Total Lighting Solutions

LightSources excels at meeting and exceeding customer expectations with proprietary technology, patented products and innovative designs.  We have vast global resources and capabilities and along with valued affiliated companies, we provide custom fluorescent and UV lighting solutions 

Prototype Solutions for Any Lighting Application 

Our resources allow for quick production and turn-around on prototype designs and mass production runs, with timely shipments from convenient locations.  Our skilled engineers provide sound solutions to your project requirements with years of experience and knowledge of UV radiation and characteristics of various wavelength emissions.  Our prototype solutions perfect your process with long lasting, high performing lamps.    

Our combined resources, years of experience and in-depth knowledge provide the best solution to you for fluorescent lighting, UVC germicidal lamps, tanning lamps, mini-fluorescent lamps and many more.   Partnering with LightSources saves you time and money with our wide selection of high-quality lamps provided at the best possible price to you.   

LightSources Valued Affiliated Companies 

Cerlux is a specialty manufacturer of ceramic connectors and fittings with custom designs and color options available.  Cerlux provides excellent customer satisfaction, matching your logo color for increased brand awareness and market share.   

LCD Lighting is a valued partner of the LightSources group, providing innovative lighting solutions including miniature fluorescent lighting and custom designed backlighting solutions. 

Voltarc is a global leading manufacturer of lighted signs with vast resources and decades of experience delivering high quality lighted sign solutions.  Voltarc manufactures signs of virtually any size or shape for indoor or outdoor use, with exceptional customer service and timely delivery.   

LightTech is our European partner with a state-of-the-art glass factory designed to meet the requirements of OEMs large and small, while committing to research and development for continual improvement.   LightTech and LightSources are known for contributing cutting-edge technology to the specialty lamp industry.   

You can save yourself time and worry by contacting LightSources for early involvement in your next project.  We assist customers in determining the correct UV wavelength or nanometer (nm) required for effectiveness in your application, wattage and electrical requirements, fitting and assemblies, with standard or custom designed products.   

The LightSources Group represents the leading high-tech manufacturers and designers in the lighting and lamp industry today.  Our ultraviolet and fluorescent lamps are used worldwide in a multitude of industries and applications.  Contact us today to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Learn the Benefits of Shatter Protech Lamp Protection

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized as the leading suppliers of lighting solutions, providing ultraviolet and fluorescent technology for a multitude of applications.  Dedicated to continual research and development, the LightSources group has developed several patented products and proprietary technologies to enhance lamp performance, customer satisfaction, safety and energy saving green processes.   

Our patented shatterproof technology is engineered to contain any broken glass or hazardous mercury that may pose a health hazard in the case of breakage.  Our shatterproof technology is available in virtually any of our lamps in any shape or size including compact PL’s, U-Shaped, linear, circular and many other types and styles.   

Shatter Protech Adds Value in Food and Beverage Industry 

Shatter Protech provides many benefits including: 

Energy Efficient Design 

Our Shatter Protech technology is designed to not inhibit any UV emissions while providing maximum energy efficiency and UV transmission.  Shatter Protech is desirable in restaurants and food buffets to protect consumable food and consumers in the event of a broken bulb.

Employee Protection 

Shatter Protech also protects employees when UV lights are used in commercial and industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and schools, ensuring the safety of your workforce.   

Water Protection 

Shatter Protech protects aqua life in aquariums and fish hatcheries, promoting healthy wildlife and keeps water safe in water and air purification systems 

FDA Approved  

Shatter Protech is compliant with all food safety regulations and is FDA approved, providing added assurances that your lighting system with Protech protection still meets all code requirements. 

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our team consists of the most highly skilled professionals that specialize in a range of innovative solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Neon Sign Lighting Solutions from the Lighting Experts

Neon and fluorescent lighted signs require high quality components to provide vibrant and long-lasting illumination.  Voltarc Technologies is a valued partner of LightSources, and a leading high-tech designer and manufacturer of lighted signs for any application including architectural design, specialty fluorescent lamps, and ultraviolet lamps with custom holders and wiring devices.   

Voltarc has been a valued partner company since 2009, and brings more than 80 years of expertise and experience in developing neon tube signs, U-lamps, cup-cathode lamps, and fluorescent lighted signs with unsurpassed performance and life expectancy.    

Proprietary Technology and Lighted Sign Solutions  

Voltarc delivers vibrant light and long-lasting color with patented products and proprietary technology.  Highly skilled engineers and lamp designers bring brand awareness to life with the most spectacular signs available today.   

Proprietary technology developed by Voltarc and the LightSources group include:.   

  • Neon Tubing
  • TriLight™ and TriLight Max™ Fluorescent Lamps
  • TufStraight Lamps
  • TufBend U-Lamps
  • Hyde Neon Fabrication Equipment
  • Xtra Long Lamps
  • Masonite Electrodes
  • Standard and Custom Lamp Accessories  

Voltarc’s cutting edge technology provides energy-efficient solutions with technologically advanced components.  Lighted sign solutions by Voltarc include intricate and complex designs that other manufacturers would shy away from.  You benefit from our years of experience and vast resources, allowing us to provide high quality components at the lowest possible cost, and in a timely manner. 

Voltarc operates with green practices, improving and enhancing upon our energy saving solutions to provide long lasting illumination requiring low maintenance and replacement costs.  Signs by Voltarc are proven to outperform and outlast the competition.  With a wide selection of standard items, the LightSources group is known for developing customized patented solutions for virtually any design imaginable.  

The LightSources group includes valued partners LightTech in Europe, Voltarc, LCD Lighting and Cerlux for custom bases and sockets.  You can custom design your bases in any color available, even matching your current logo or brand.  

LightSources and its affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer high-quality solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of lamps.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

UV Light Curing System Provide Cost Effective Solutions

Ultraviolet light used for curing polymers is a highly effective and cost-efficient solution utilized in a multitude of industrial and commercial applications worldwide.  UV light is used as a catalyst to cause changes in the properties of photopolymers such as resins, inks, varnishes, coatings and adhesives onto a wide variety of products.   

More and more manufacturers are harnessing the power of UV curing to improve their product quality and internal efficiencies.  UV treatment is a quick process providing many benefits that give a quick return on investment.   

UV Curing Technology 

Ultraviolet radiation is proven effective at curing specialty resins and inks in seconds, especially when emitted at 367 to 400 nanometer (nm).  Within the proper wavelength, UV technology will create a strengthened finish on products for durability.   

UV light curing technology is utilized in a multitude of industries and applications worldwide to provide cost efficient processing solutions.  Some industrial and commercial applications that benefit from UV curing include:  

    • Marketing – UV drying of inks creates vibrant displays for raising brand awareness and developing increasing market share
    • Automotive – UV curing of inks on knobs and buttons enhances their strength and durability, ensuring that the inks will last longer when exposed to long term use
    • Medical – The medical industry has long realized the benefits of UV germicidal technology for sterilization and disinfection of medical supplies, equipment and surfaces. 
    • Aerospace – UV technology enhances the strength and durability of parts and components, providing durable parts that hold up even in extreme conditions. 
    • Consumer Electronics – UV exposure helps to cure adhesives and inks on circuit boards and electronic devices
    • Packaging – UV inks dry quickly on various packaging materials, increasing throughput and providing durable shipping boxes that won’t fade or deteriorate
    • Instant bonding of glues, adhesives, glazes, varnishes, inks and coatings used in these and many more commercial and industrial processes 

LightSources has vast experience with developing UV curing solutions with the most cost beneficial UV curing lamps available in the market today.  We offer low pressure, medium and high-pressure UV solutions.  Please visit our website to learn more. 

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ultraviolet Technology Provides Powerful Water Purification

Ultraviolet technology provides very powerful and effective water purification treatment to a number of industries with effective germicidal functions.  UV radiation is proven highly effective at eradicating viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms from water and is utilized worldwide in a multitude of water purification applications.

Some industries realizing the benefits of UV water purification include:  

  • Aquaculture / Marine and Freshwater hatcheries
  • Water reclamation
  • Waste water treatment
  • Shipping industry / Ballast Water Treatment
  • Municipalities and drinking water systems 

Aquaculture and Fishing Hatcheries 

Maintaining the well-being and overall health of our planet’s marine life is critical to sustaining the world’s oceans.  UV technology provides effective disinfection of fish hatcheries and farms, promoting the sustainability of marine life and oceans.  Water preserves, hatcheries and aquariums benefit from the powerful technology of UV radiation.   

Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation 

UV germicidal technology is proven highly effective at cleansing wastewater to eradicate contaminants prior to releasing into natural water sources.  Community systems and municipalities in towns, cities and rural areas all utilize the powerful effects of UV radiation to treat their water systems.   

Shipping Industry and Ballast Water Treatment Systems 

The latest edition of the Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC), updated last September of 2017, requires all ships in international waters to utilize some form of an effective ballast water treatment system.  UV radiation is utilized in several ballast water treatment systems, eradicating ballast water of harmful organisms, bacteria and viruses before releasing into foreign ports.  

UV germicidal treatment of ballast water is US Coast Guard approved and meets all guidelines and requirements of the BWTC.   

Municipalities and Drinking Water Systems 

UV germicidal lamps are also used in local water purification and drinking water systems, safety eliminating parasites and bacteria causing illness from water to make it safe for consumption.  UV water treatment for consumption has benefits over other methods such as chemical use by eliminating exposure to hazardous chemicals.   

UV water purification systems are highly effective and will reduce long term costs with low maintenance, and no need to continually purchase and store chemicals.   

LightSources Provides Proven Water Purification Solutions 

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are dedicated to providing the best lighting solutions worldwide with research and development and continual improvement.  LightSources provides proven UV germicidal solutions for water purification to a multitude of industries and applications worldwide.  For the most high-performing and long-lasting UV germicidal lamps available in the market today, contact LightSources to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about our water purification solutions.  

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.